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TAMRA by Dr Faysal Mikdadi

Publication date: Unknown
Donated by: Dr Faysal Mikdadi

A copy of this book is available for loan.

A novel that takes place in Beirut during the civil war and subsequent Israeli invasion of 1982. The critic James MacGibbon called it "an anti-war novel of our times". It tells the story of a beautiful twenty year old Lebanese girl, intelligent and brave. Her friendship with a Palestinian girl causes problems in her relationship with Paul - a Maronite Christian. The novel attempts to show the ugly face of nationalism. The Middle East Magazine said: "This novel is primarily distinguished by both the candour with which it is written and the universality of its sentiments".

Biography of Dr Faysal Mikdadi:
Dr. Faysal Mikdadi is an OfSTED Lead Inspector. He has held senior management positions in secondary schools, in two LEAs and he has had experience of leading inspections of secondary and primary schools as well as taking part in inspections of secondary, primary and special schools. His particular areas of expertise are in secondary education, English, Arabic, French, law, drama, leadership, governance, management, cultural diversity, EAL as well as aspects of primary education. He is an assistant examiner for A Level, AS Level and GCSE English Literature. He is also a novelist, poet and bibliographist. Amongst his published works are two bibliographies, one of Margaret Thatcher and the other on Gamal Abdel Nasser, two novels and a book of poetry. He has written extensively on literary criticism, education and the Middle East.

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