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PSYCHOLOGY 2ND EDITION by G Neil Martin, Nicola Brunswick

Publication date: Unknown
Donated by: G Neil Martin

A copy of this book is available for loan.

Biography of G Neil Martin, Nicola Brunswick:
Dr G. Neil Martin is Reader in Psychology at Middlesex University, UK, and a
Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He was educated in Wales, Scotland and
England, graduating with a first-class Master of Arts degree in psychology
from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, where he also won the annual
Henry Prize for outstanding undergraduate achievement in psychology. He
completed his PhD on the psychophysiology of human olfactory perception at
the University of Warwick, England.

He is the author of Human Neuropsychology, the first European textbook in
the field now in its second edition (Pearson Education, 2006), Essential
Biological Psychology (Hodder Arnold, 2003), Psychology-A Study Guide, with
Nicky Brunswick (Pearson Education, 2005), and Psychology- International
edition, with Neil Carlson and colleagues from the US and Canada (Allyn &
Bacon, 2006). With Nicky Brunswick, he wrote the first European on-line
course in introductory psychology (Pearson Education, 2001, 2003), now in
its third edition. Psychology (3rd edition) is the first introductory
psychology text to be available via iPod download. He is currently writing
two new books on psychology and the sense of smell.

He is the author of over 150 articles on psychology and acts as consultant
to industry, business and the media on the psychology of olfaction and
humour. He was Associate Editor of The Psychologist for six years and is
currently an editorial board member of the Journal of Health, Social and
Environmental Issues and the Annals of Improbable Research the satirical
journal which awards the annual IgNobel prizes for science that should never
be repeated for which he is also a columnist. For a short while, he was
reviewer and books editor of Deadpan- the UK's first (and, currently, last)
magazine dedicated to comedy.

He also works as a freelance journalist; his first article for a major
national newspaper was entitled OMore than 20 things you needed to know
about the nose.

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