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Publication date: 2006
Donated by: Roderic Ashley

A copy of this book is available for loan.

'Do you feel your career needs a kick-start? Do you want to learn what motivates you and where you are going next? Written with perceptive observation and clarity by an expert in employability and communication skills, this book takes account of the rapidly changing world of work. It help the reader analyse him/herself and where s/he wants to be in life. It skilfully avoids the pseudo-psychological or overly mystical slant of many personal development books.' (I've taken this from the publishers' own blurb).

Biography of Roderic Ashley:
Roderic Ashley (Swansea) is married with two adult daughters and is a Partner in CATS consultancy. Born in Bristol, Rod was a teacher / teacher-trainer, but has worked in education consultancy for twelve years. Embracing the five strands of the RSA's mission, Rod's main focus is skills development and collaboration between learning providers to enhance learning and participation in society. He has written/co-written over 30 publications on education, management and employability. He is an Honorary Lecturer at Swansea University, Chair of Governors of Olchfa Comprehensive School, a Council Member of BBC Wales and a Trustee of the global education network, i-earn UK.

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